Born in Calgary in 1959, I spent my young years in Calgary, Ontario and Germany while my Dad served our country with the Canadian Armed Forces. When leaving the army, my Dad took a job with the Claresholm local press where I lived until graduating high school. While growing up I started a job delivering the local newspaper at the age of 10. From that age onward I have always worked.

Throughout all my life experiences, I have learned the value of a dollar, and that hard work and dedication to the task at hand will result in great rewards.

Since coming to Calgary I have managed 7-11 retail stores, delivered dairy products for Palm dairies where I took on the extra duties as shop steward for the Teamster’s Union.
When the dairy chose to contract out local deliveries in 1996, I took the leap from long term employee to self-employed small businessman and have never looked back.

In 2003 I returned to retail and took over a convenience store – One Way Foods and have successfully run both businesses for several years.

My personal life in Calgary has been even better. I have raised 3 sons all with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. My oldest, Tyler, shares ownership in One Way Foods, and the 2 youngest, Luke and Mitch are pursuing musical careers.

I have also been an active volunteer and supporter of various charities such as the Veterans Food Bank and Calgary Poppy fund. I am also a big supporter of our amateur and professional sporting teams.