My focus


Business in any city is key to ongoing success and prosperity. Continued business growth means growth in population and increased revenue base for Calgary. Through this growth we can afford to begin building a stronger tourism and cultural base.
I believe that many infrastructure projects can be done in cooperation with private business so that both City Taxpayers and businesses benefit rather than relying solely on one source or another.


The biggest issues that I see Calgary facing are:

1. I will look to improve traffic flow throughout our City by looking at realistic, cost effective, changes to the many ways we travel.

2. I will ensure that tax dollars owed to the Taxpayer goes to the taxpayer. In the last two years, City Council has chosen to keep $92 million dollars of tax rebates provided by the province.

3. I will focus Taxpayer dollars on facilities that are necessary to keeping this city a vibrant attractive place to live and visit. This means balancing cost with aesthetics.

4. I will review current administration costs with the objective of improving services with current resources.

5. I will not allow time nor money to be spent on issues where we have no jurisdiction.